After School Classes, Clubs & GAPS


After-School Classes: “Connect to the World”

PAAC coordinates after-school classes for students to learn about dynamic global issues. These non-traditional and interactive classes include innovative simulations, internet-based exercises, speakers, field trips, conferences, and community service projects called Global Action Projects (GAPs). Through these projects, students explore a global issue and decide how they will act in their communities to make a difference.

The curriculum is designed to specifically help students meet the learning goals of Hawaii’s Department of Education Social Studies standards. Curriculum units include topics such as human rights, climate change, and globalization. Students who enroll in the class can earn one half credit in Social Studies each semester.


“Since I started this class, I am actually paying more attention about the things that are going on around the world. I’m always watching the news now.”
– Student from Waipahu After-School Class

“I found out how important it is to learn about the world. If I want to change the world, I would first have to find out more about it.”
– Student from Campbell After-School Class


After-School Chinese Language and Culture Classes

In addition to global studies afterschool classes, PAAC coordinates program for students to learn Mandarin Chinese language.


Global Action Projects (GAPs)

Students in PAAC’s after-school classes are required to carry out GAPs each semester, linking the study of a global issue locally. Students explore the root causes of a particular problem in the community; relate it to the global issues which they have studied; and then plan and implement a project. GAPs are not limited to after-school classes, as PAAC clubs also coordinate service projects for students.


PAAC Clubs

Clubs represent the traditional form of PAAC’s outreach into high schools. Many clubs are student-initiated and driven. The overall goal is to increase club members’ awareness of international affairs. Clubs participate in PAAC-sponsored events such as inter-school conferences and competitions, and tailor the program to meet the needs of each school.