College & Young Professional Programs

The College & University International Affairs Outreach Program’s purpose is to increase the knowledge of international and inter-cultural matters in community college and university students. In collaboration with faculty it also strives to promote an appreciation for diversity and enhances leadership and career development skills.


The program includes the following:


College & University WorldQuest: An exciting internationally themed quiz competition held annually to test students’ knowledge of topics such as current events, geography, and people in the news.


International Festivals & Cultural Demonstrations: Organized in cooperation with local community organizations and artists, PAAC sponsors cultural performances and demonstrations to students ranging from aboriginal music and dances of Australia to international cuisine and cooking demonstrations.


Roundtables, Career Exploration, & Lectures: To supplement classroom learning, students have the opportunity to hear from and dialogue with speakers and experts in international affairs


To learn more about the program, please call 808-944-7780.


“Our students, faculty, and the community have deepened and enriched their knowledge of the world, a very important step toward paving a road to global understanding and peace.” - Leeward Community College professor

“Many cultures’ languages are dying, because they are trading native tongue for English… This film/presentation promotes greater awareness of languages in danger of becoming extinct, and provides insight into other cultures.” – In response to a film screening of The Linguists and a panel presentation from linguists professors at UH-Manoa and KCC.