Global Action Projects: Out of the Classroom & Into the Community

May 20, 2016

This spring, PAAC’s after school classes studied Humanitarian Intervention; Diaspora in the United States; and Megacities of Asia. Learning about megacities was a popular unit, especially for a student on Kauai who couldn’t envision a city bigger than Honolulu.  As they learned about the challenges of megacities, including clean water, dangerous pollutants, and over population, the classes took action on some of the same issues they saw in their own communities.

Several classes went to the Cultural Learning Center at Ka`ala to work on ancient Hawaiian taro lo`i. Knee-deep in water and mud, students were focused and enthused while pulling invasive weed species. Butch, the kahu or caretaker, shared the sacred history of the valley, and his goals to restore its sustainablitiy. 

Waiakea students set up a ‘soup kitchen’ at the Hilo Salvation Army. The students gained an appreciation for the issues around homelessness and also the problems of delivery of services.  

Aiea students created a plan for Aiea High to become a “zero waste” school.